Write Before on Visit Malaysia 2014 Program

Malaysia government announced the country launched Visit Malaysia 2014 slogan and program.  It is just another

Kerachut Beach 1
Kerachut Beach with beautiful sky

year the country wants to get more visitors.

I do not deny the country own very attractive nature attracting tourist not only all over the world but also from domestic visitor.  I have been to several places in Malaysia that I am planning to share with you all in my blog, however I am more concerned if the country is ready for this tourist year.

Are we Ready for Visit Malaysia 2014 Program?

Safety Concern.  Safety is always is our concern before we are going out.  The minister published the criminal rate is at going down trend.  The statement did not ease me; I am more on making my own judgment.

Many people should remember that there are several Taiwan visitors being kidnaps at Sabah while they were enjoying their holiday in the seaside.  The case seems faded from our eye side after a few immediate reports at the moment.  Where are we now?  Are we on the closure loop?  I doubt so.

I am not here to pin point individual case, but I am more concern if the country is fighting against criminal case in order to improve the safety concern, I am keen to read the program that police launch.  I believe the police should have the improvement program but I am not sure if they announce to public.

Environmental Cleanliness.

Air Pollution.  Malaysia is not like many other countries facing air pollution challenging, however we should not take this for granted.  Remember that the country was facing serious air pollution on year 2013 whereby the blame was putting to our neighbour country.  What about this year, are we going to have the same experience?

Besides we are pointing our finger, do we look at ourselves whether there is any improvement we should do?  The recent KL no car day is definitely one of the event that show the government is moving toward this direction.

Environmental Hygiene.   Look at our surrounding, look at the place we go out for lunch and dinner, look at our market.  We have used to this environment but not the visitor.  We should examine our environment from visitor perspective.

Public Transport

For visitor from oversea who wants to visit Malaysia, do we have a good transport system that able to support the program?  Is the attracting tourist location is well cover by a reliable public transport?

What Can We Get for Visit Malaysia 2014 Program?

Visit Malaysia 2014 should not only a program launched by the government to attract more visitors, getting more visitors to Malaysia not the only criteria.  The country should take this opportunity to examine our status and identify the gap between visitors expectation and our current level.  We should see a transformation in the nation.

Visit Malaysia 2014 is not just another program, we should see a lot of activities being taking into action in order to make this a successful event.  Perhaps, those improvement momentum should be carried onward on the subsequent year to ensure the nation in this country could enjoy the fruit.

Year 2014 is definitely an expecting year with all sort of challenging setting in front, this include the Visit Malaysia 2014 program.  I will contribute my part by publishing some articles about the tourist attraction place, how about you?

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