Know Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is a small town located at southern part of Perak State. This small town was getting enormous attention for many Malaysian due to the recent re-election held in 31-May-2014. However there are several high light in Teluk Intan which should gain attention through-out the country. Tourist Spots Leaning Tower. The leaning tower definitely […]

The Impact to Teluk Intan on coming By Election

The Teluk Intan by election is gaining more attention. Everyday, newspaper has several pages report on this progres. I wonder the impact to Teluk Intan because of this by election. In May, Malaysia is having 2 parliament seats for by election, Penang Geligor and Teluk Intan (P76). Less report on Penang Gelugor by election however […]

Teluk Intan By Election

Many Malaysian citizen aware the replacement election held for Penang Gelugor area because the sudden pass away of Karpal Singh, however there is also a coming by election at Teluk Intan too!  The parliament seat is P76. Today, 19-May-2014, is the candidate announcement day. 2 Candidates for Teluk Intan voter to cast their vote, 1) […]