Apply China VISA in Malaysia

China becomes more famous in modern regime, this apply to Malaysian too. Every year, there are a lot Malaysian citizen visiting China for various purpose, such as tourist, visiting relative, working abroad, etc. Apply China VISA has become common in today life. Obtaining a China VISA still consider relatively straight forward. As long as you […]

Courier Service in Malaysia

E-commerce is definitely getting more attention than ever before.  Even in Malaysia, many Malaysian already accepting e-commerce and we are seeing increasing trend too!  In order to support the fast moving e-commerce trend, we are seeing an expansion of courier services in Malaysia. DHL, Fedex and UPS are the popular courier service company which well […]

Oil Palm Estate

Oil palm is one of the Malaysia important agriculture products.  The oil palm will be processed becomes crude palm oil.  Meanwhile the by-product such as waste water sludge, EFB fibre, mesocarp fibre are the raw material for many commodities, you could find out the details from our oil palm products article. Recently I got the […]

The Impact to Teluk Intan on coming By Election

The Teluk Intan by election is gaining more attention. Everyday, newspaper has several pages report on this progres. I wonder the impact to Teluk Intan because of this by election. In May, Malaysia is having 2 parliament seats for by election, Penang Geligor and Teluk Intan (P76). Less report on Penang Gelugor by election however […]

Write Something About Missing MH370

The recent Malaysia Airlines missing MH370 is tweaking everybody nerve to full strain.  Searching is still the main activity.  MH370 incident and it relevant update has consistently place at the top 10 searching in internet world for awhile.  Malaysia, as a small country in South East Asia, has drawing worldwide attention that ever had before. […]

2014 Chinese New Year Celebration

Today is the day of 7th for 2014 Chinese New Year, I would like to write something about this Chinese New Year as this is a great celebration.  I did remember a previous article about 2013 Chinese New Year, now it comes for 2014. Something about 2014 Chinese New Year. Chinese Almanac.  Base on Chinese […]

Malaysia Cost of Living Increase

Malaysia PM Najib recently had announced setup a Special Cabinet Committee for tackling going high cost of living in Malaysia.  This committee is headed by DPM Muhyiddin with the cabinet team member.  This Special committee was given the objective to understand the reason of increase cost of living in Malaysia meanwhile the committee also been […]