Route from Teluk Intan to Penang Island

Teluk Intan to Penang
Teluk Intan to Penang

I travel to Penang quite often within a year. Many friends were asking me which will be the faster way from Teluk Intan to Penang Island. There are several ways you could go from Teluk Intan to Penang but it always depends on the exact location in Teluk Intan you are departing and also the exact location in Penang you want to go.

Anyway, I am going to list out 3 route options for you to consider.

Route1. Teluk Intan – Kampar – Gopeng Highway Entrance to Penang Island

Drive through the PLUS North-South highway should be your first choice. From Teluk Intan you choose the route to Kampar. No matter you like it or not, you have to drive through the old Kampar town, a congested township. I will normally spend 45min to reach Kampar. Then follow the road to Gopeng. It is about 20min drive before you come across the PLUS sign. Follow the instruction turning into the PLUS highway.

After about 5km a heading to Penang direction, you will come across an Agro Mall rest station. This is one of the places you could have some rest and take a drink.

Follow the PLUS direction, and you are about 180km away from Penang island. You could exist toward Penang 2nd bridge provided you are going to Batu Mau area, else I would recommend you exist at Juru toll and take the Penang 1st bridge.

  1. This is the simple route which has less twist and turn. Most of the time you will spend in PLUS highway.

Route 2. Teluk Intan – Kampung Gajah – Parit – Bruas – Changkat Jering Highway entrance to Penang Island

You will spend most of the time driving in the village road through-out the journey. Kampung Gajah is a small Malay village, drive further up to Parit. Parit is a small township, you can find some Chinese stall here.

You may have drive for an hour or slightly more before reaching Parit. It is about the time for you to come out from the car and take a drink. You may require paying attention for making a turn toward Bruas direction, don’t miss this turn! Watch out!

You need extra attention for this section. The road is kind of turning road but has been broaden up since several years ago. You could come across several durian or domestic fruit stall along the journey. Feel free to stop by for tasting a durian fruit.

You will encounter PLUS sign while reaching Changkat Jering, make a turn to PLUS highway and you are about 1 hour away from Penang Island.

Summary. This is a decent village kind of driving. You could pass through Malay village and houses along the journey. You will also come across the Sungai Perak, the longest river in Perak state. You could also get some food stall but not in the fasting month! I strongly recommend this route.

Route 3. Teluk Intan – Pantai Remis – Changkat Jering Highway entrance to Penang Island

You can drive through several famous township along this journey, you will pass through Setiawan, Pantai Remis. You will definitely get shock with the latest development of Setiawan and Pantai Remis.

There is even Jaya Jesco shopping mall at Setiawan area.

The journey after Pantai Remis is easier to drive with less turning. You will come across a junction connecting to Route 2 before reaching the Changkat Jering PLUS entrance.

Summary. If you are fast driver, definitely this is the route you could consider.   I do takes this route once in a while, as I am visiting friends along the journey.

Make your wise route selection from Teluk Intan to Penang Island. I am very sure you will have an interesting driving experience through-out the journey.

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