Boxes in Courier Serivce Office

Courier Service in Malaysia

E-commerce is definitely getting more attention than ever before.  Even in Malaysia, many Malaysian already accepting e-commerce and we are seeing increasing trend too!  In order to support the fast moving e-commerce trend, we are seeing an expansion of courier services in Malaysia. DHL, Fedex and UPS are the popular courier service company which well […]

Tasty Chinese Tea

I Love Chinese Tea

Chinese tea is getting famous here, however we do not have much choices for various Chinese Tea quality. I don’t consider myself as a tea maniac as I only drink a few small cups on and off. Even though I am not a tea maniac but I do love drinking Chinese Tea. Why I Love […]

2015 Chinew New Year

2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) regardless where you are, this include in Malaysia. Our family also conglomerates to my parent’s house this New Year, year 2015. Year of goat. New Year Eve Activities 18-Feb-2015 is the new year eve, all family already gather at my parent’s house for celebration. A few activities today. […]

Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

I went to Bagan Pasir fishing village to visit a friend of my, perhaps he is our classmate 20 more years back while we were in secondary school. We were not met each other for so many years before the trip. Something About Bagan Pasir Bagan Pasir is not a famous fishing village as compare […]

Front View Water Proof Pouch

Remarkable Water Proof Pouch

I bought 2 water proof pouches the other day while I was shopping in an outdoor accessories shop. It is worth-while to write out some review after several attempt using on the waterproof pouch. Why I need Water Proof Pouch I am always going out and sometime I have to go to seaside. In some […]