Hand phone Wireless Charger for iPhone 5/5S

Complete Set of Wireless Handphone Charger for IPhone 5/5S
Complete Set of Wireless Handphone Charger for IPhone 5/5S

We had talked about handphone wireless charger several weeks ago, now I had bought a hand phone wireless charger which newly launched in the market. I bought it from a reliable e-commerce website, KooStuff.com. This is an amazing set of wireless charger consist with 5 necessary components, with this set, you could charge your iphone 5/5S while driving.

My New Handphone Wireless Charger

Just a quick briefing in case you are new to wireless charger. Wireless charging is referring an electric charging system using electromagnetic field to charge the hand phone. Entire electric charging process through inductive force between the circuits attach to the hand phone and device.

Standard Set of Wireless Charger for iphone 5/5S

 Sleeve and leather Pocket
Sleeve and leather Pocket

This newly launch handphone wireless charger is dedicated for iphone 5/5S.   It consists the below parts for you to charge your phone while driving.

  • Iphone 5/5S Receiver Sleeve.
  • Wireless Transmission Leather Pocket.
  • Holder with Direct Power Plug.
  • Holder with Suction Cup.
  • Holder with Multi-Clip.
  • Iphone Lighting Cable.

How I use this iphone Wireless Charger?

This set of wireless charger have many applications, however there are several key steps I have to do in order to ensure the wireless charging function is ready.

  • Slip the iphone in the Receiver Sleeve. The Receiver Charing circuit is built in this white colour sleeve. The sleeve is designed within a razor thin frame which almost does not increase any weight and dimension. The sleeve is designed to tightly hold the hand phone without worrying detach into 2 pieces. You could even consider the sleeve as a hand phone cover.
  • Select any of holder which you want to hold your iphone.   I prefer the holder with direct power plug. With this holder, I could position my hand phone slightly lower than my sterling. I think this is my comfortable position to place my iphone. Another reason I choose this holder is because I could ignore the annoying charger wire from my car power plug to the holder.
  • Latch the Transmission Pocket in any one of 3 holders. This lather made Transmission Pocket is built in a latch plate. The inductive transmission circuit also built-in inside this pocket.

With above 3 simple steps in place, my iphone is ready for wireless charger. The hand phone will start charging once I slot

Leather Pocket with latch design
Leather Pocket with latch design

the hand phone in the well position pocket. Of course, make sure you have your car engine started.

Do I need this handphone Wireless Charger?

I have been using Apple lighting cable for charging the hand phone for awhile. Now we have more choices to experience the convenient bring to us from technology innovation. I am spending a small amount to gain this new experience in charging my hand phone battery, I think it worth for the money I spend.

With this complete set of Apple iphone wireless charger, I could start charging my phone while I am driving. With this wireless charging, I could make the most use of my Apple iphone 5 smart phone without worrying too much in battery dead.

In case you want to get this set of iphone wireless charger as what I am getting, you could purchase from this reliable e-commerce shop, wireless iphone5/5S charger.

Please leave your comments so that we could exchange idea after using this handphone wireless charger.

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