More Street Art Works I See

We know the street art work at Penang George Town area really awesome and impressive; however there are many other street art works we can find around us.  In this article, I am going to share with everyone about some of the street art works which I think it is marvelous. 3D Street Art Work […]

Street Art Work at George Town Penang

Penang George Town has been awarded as UNESCO city since 2008.  Penang government has been working very hard not only maintain the core culture in this island, it also introduce new culture concept in George Town.  Street Painting or art work is one of the events that have rejuvenated the area more than just maintain […]

Penang Armenian Street

Since the year 2012, Penang Armenian Street has turned out to be a “MUST Visit” place for most tourist.  The tourist I am referring here not only the white skin foreigner but the domestic visitors.  You can see many visitors have gather at road side of Armenian Street, they even stand at the middle of […]

What I see about Huaqiangbei 26-Oct-2013

As our previous article, we know Huaqiangbei at Shenzhen China is mean similar as Akihabara of Tokyo Japan.  Huaqiangbei is always very pack.  It has been a clouded location for many year, is there any changes after so many years?  Especially Huaqianbei street has been blocked for sub-way and under ground construction.  I am to […]

Huaqiangbei Construction Progress

As we know, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is currently under go a reformation construction.  The Huaqiangbei Street being closed for giving way to subway, underground construction.  The entire plan will last for 3years and 8 months. Huaqiangbei will present a new look to every one on mid of year 2016.  I have no idea how Hua qianbei […]


在中国,除了已经成为旅游景点的闻名的道观,还有很多不见经传的道观隐藏在各自的角落里,让对道教修炼为目的的人们提供一个修炼的场所。江西龙虎山就是有这样的一个道观。 道教四大名山之一的龙虎山 江西龙虎山、井冈山、庐山及三清山并列为道教4大名山。龙虎山素有“千古名岳,道教仙山”之美誉。自第一代张天师张道陵于东汉末年在龙虎山肇基炼丹创立道教以来,天师世家在龙虎山传承64代1900余年,龙虎山天师道曾“统领天下道教事”,对中国历史、文化、科技、医药等方面产生了深远影响。 龙虎山面临的困境 中国很多道观或庙宇也因为为了满足社会认知的需求,进而开放而不再神秘,可是也因为开放的关系,往往就影响了道观原先的修炼的运作。江西龙虎山是相对封闭的,他们自己界定成是道教修炼的场所而不是收门票的旅游景点。 可是随着时代的变迁,社会的功力现象,中国政府政策等事,也让江西龙虎山面临着前所未有的挑战。曾经在里面修炼的人们,各自奔相走告,大家齐心协力一起来筹备经费,以便尽可能的来保留龙虎山道观的完整性。大家都希望道教的文化、知识,可以很好的在这里被保留,及流传下来。 如何帮助龙虎山 在追求道教修炼的人们都知道龙虎山,也知道这是一个藏龙卧虎之地。如果因为一味的最求开放而搁置了修炼、传承的目的,最终将会使得道教文化面对更大的挑战。可能不久的将来,道教文化就就会像一些曾经在地球上出现过的文字一样,只能留给考古学家或大学里做研究之用,而实际文化已经荡然无存了。 道教文化不是远离我们日常生活的,符箓也不是神秘的。他是跟我们日常生活息息相关。我们不需要用窥伺的心理来看待这个文化。在目前提倡旅游、促进交流的当儿,是否也可以想想如何可以以尊重的心态来面对他们。

Penang Hill Hiking

Many people know Penang island is surrounded with beautiful beach and seaside, such as the beach at Tanjung Bunga and Batu Ferringgi, besides seaside, Penang also has many trekking trail that suitable for hiking.  Penang hill hiking definitely is one of the hiking trail you should enjoy. Penang hill also name as Bukit Bendara, it […]