Getting to Know Sanding Sponge

I was looking for a sand paper the other day in a hardware shop.  I want to use the sand paper for removing some stain marks and corrosion marks on a metal column before applying metal paint. Now, we have more choices for stain removal.  I was introduced for a sanding sponge for surface stain […]

Hand phone Wireless Charger for iPhone 5/5S

We had talked about handphone wireless charger several weeks ago, now I had bought a hand phone wireless charger which newly launched in the market. I bought it from a reliable e-commerce website, This is an amazing set of wireless charger consist with 5 necessary components, with this set, you could charge your iphone […]

Could Trunked Radio Be Replaced?

Motorola has quit from hand-phone industry however they are still the leader in trunked radio. On the other hand, Kenwood also another key trunked radio alternative. In Malaysia, WOKI is one of the Kenwood Trunked Radio Supplier. With the latest tele-communication and broader 3G/4G broadband coverage, hand-phone has evaluated to smartphone which incorporate with many […]

Radiation Protection iphone Casing Review

There was just a newly launch of iphone 5S several days ago.  While we are talking and excited about the new smartphone, do we ever think about phone radiation?  Regardless which type of smartphone we are using every day, I bet you agree with me that handphone has becomes part of our body, or perhaps […]